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Griffin Rider: Death's Desire
In the days following the battle in the glade Ra'ma's condition rapidly deteriorated despite Sheera's attentiveness. The party did not stop in its trek northwards, avoiding Bern entirely for fear of further religious attacks, giving the city a wide berth rather than risk drawing further attention to themselves. However this did nothing to better Ra'ma who needed more than what they had in their small caravan. When they were two days north of Bern, Sheera approached Caleb after he and Nil had come back from one of their now daily flights upon Bracken.
“She wants to see you.” Sheera said simply.
“Aye?” Caleb grumbled as he stroked Bracken's flank, glancing at Nil. “Take care of the beast lass, I'm off to see our friend.”
Nil smiled brightly, something she had been doing more since Ra'ma had been injured. Caleb did not understand how the girl could be so happy knowing full well what was happening within the Wood Elf's damnable cart. He supposed she may
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Griffin Rider: Night Battle
When the religious knights came for them it was in the pale light of the newly risen moon. Caleb heard the tumult of their horses' hooves and the clatter of their armor before ever he saw them. They had no fear apparent in their approach and nor should they. Theirs was a holy task and were Caleb not bound by his foul contract he'd have cheered their actions against the elf heretic and her witchery. As it was he waited nervously listening as the armored chargers milled about in the night beyond the trees, both fallen and standing, where he and his companions readied themselves. There was no subtlety in the coming of the paladins as with a single voice they roared: “FOR THE TRINITY!” and came charging out of the shadows, moonlight glinting off of their armor, lances and swords.
Besides him Bracken snarled and hissed angrily as he spied their attackers bearing down on them.
Caleb braced himself, drawing his arm back and hurling a javelin at the first rider to come into view. T
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Griffin Rider: The Coming Night
The day after they left Fircolt Caleb saw the first sign of trouble as they passed a monastery built from the foundations of a High Elf temple. The templars at the gates to the monastery kept their hands on their weapons as the little caravan passed and Caleb saw a young boy run inside after the templars had spoken with him hurriedly. Sighing he turned to look at Sheera atop the wagon.
“The Church is watching us.”
“They always watch wood elves.” she replied dismissively. “This is is no different.”
Caleb frowned but said nothing more about it. Nil had relayed the story of the priest in the stable to Sheera upon their reunion but the wood elf payed little heed to the incident. Considering that if it were known that she was not only a wood elf but a witch at that the Church would at best burn her her indifference seemed more than a little alarming to Caleb. Her continued disregard for the Church's watchfulness only served to heighten his concern and as
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Griffin Rider: Pious Outrage
Caleb woke early, gathering what things he had from the room he'd shared with his traveling companions and making his way to the stable where Bracken had spent the night.
It was with some surprise that he heard song coming from the stable. Stepping inside he found Nil sitting amongst the hay with Bracken's head resting in her lap as she stroked the griffins head while he crooned in tune to her voice.
He stood there a moment watching the girl as she sang and soothed the griffin, finding himself smiling at the scene. The girl was a natural it seemed when it came to charming Bracken's heart.
Nil looked up to see Caleb watching her and she smiled in response.
“Morning...I hope you don't mind, but I fed him already.”
Caleb nodded, crossing over to Bracken's saddle bags. He knew that some folk thought him mad for leaving his precious kit in the stables with the griffin but truth be told there was little else safer. Bracken was a light sleeper and it wouldn't surprise Caleb much t
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Griffin Rider: Leaving the High Way
Caleb and Bracken circled high overhead, looking down at the bandit encampment below. They had not yet noticed his presence above them and he had no intention of letting them get wind of him either. South of the camp, he spied the seven ogres that Duulingknopf had summoned, the great brutes were creeping along on all fours across the rolling landscape to stay out of sight. They were within shouting distance of the camp, and had they been behaving as regular ogres that might have been spotted by now. Duulingknopf however, for all his lunacy, seemed to know his business here.
The orc sentry never knew what hit him as one of the ogres grabbed him by the leg and pummeled him into a pulp. Then with a bellowing roar, the ogres set upon the camp and the forces that be were set loose.
The ogres tore through the encampment, tearing down tents and rending bodies as they attacked. The conflict wasn't even worth of the title of skirmish. The bandits stood no chance, they were caught completely by
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Griffin Rider: Planning an Ambush
“You are sure of this?” Sheera asked with a scowl as she sat atop the wagon.
“I'm standing here telling ye such aren't I?” Caleb replied gruffly.
Sheera frowned and pursed her lip in annoyance as she glanced at Nil. “I assume you saw them as well?”
Nil shifted uncomfortably under the wood elf's  scrutiny. Caleb felt bad putting the girl on the spot but there was nothing for it.
“I'm not sure, I've never seen a bandit camp before, but they were heavily armed and hidden within a dell so they couldn't be seen from the High Way.”
Ikras looked towards Sheera dubiously. “It is possible, reports of banditry upon the High Way are not uncommon.”
Sheera sighed and turned, pulling up the flap for the wagon. “Ra'ma. Come.”
The nidracaal flowed out of the wagon, dropping to the ground and looking up at Sheera curiously with her shimmering yellow eyes.
“Yes lady-elf?”
Sheera glanced at Caleb. “How far down
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Griffin Rider: Making Camp
Their party made good progress that first day. Caleb had never worked closely with either of the taurian races, however he'd heard stories of their amazing stamina and much to his shame they exceeded even Bracken's steady and inexhaustible pace. The others of course rode with the wagon...except for the gnome who sometimes floated alongside it and at other times vanished all together only to reappear somewhere up ahead waiting for the group to arrive. The centaur in particular seemed to take great offense to Duulingknopf which seemed only to encourage the gnome to further acts of depravity. He even buzzed past Bracken once during the journey yelling: "DUUUUU!" as he flashed by. The poor griffin had jerked and hissed in agitation and it was all Caleb could do not to take a try with his sling at knocking the gnome from the air.
Thankfully the rest of the party was more tolerable. Ikras proved to have a musical side to him, producing a set of the pipes that his people were famous for and p
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Griffin Rider: A Meeting
Caleb strode through the city gate, glancing at the guards who eyed him warily. He couldn't say that he blamed them. After all, a fully armed and armored rider and griffin were intimidating to say the least. Granted given that by nature of the fact that Bracken had to be able to fly with all the gear the armor was relatively light. Only the griffin's breastplate and skullcap were iron. The rest was hardened leather reinforced with bronze barding. His own armor was equally light. Consisting of hardened studded leather. Over the years of constant fighting he'd acquired a shirt of chain mail to wear beneath the leather and a scale mail vest to wear on the exterior. The triple layered armor wasn't the strongest thing he could've worn but it protected Caleb well enough. He wore leather chaps with inlaid chain mail and iron plates covering his thighs and shins. He wore a simple iron skullcap to protect his balding pate.
At his waist rested the long sword which he'd drawn on the elf bitch the
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Well.... the title says it all. :P
I'm doing this b/c I'm bored at home.:house:
Well, also cause I haven't done one of these for awhile.
So the point of this journal is the following.
If for some reason any of you guys/girls have questions for moi.
You can leave a comment down below asking it.
So, go right ahead!!!!!!!!!!!
                                       Love, Ivy :rose:


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